Our Window are Secure

MTM units provide exceptional quality and security

  • a) Internally beaded for added security
  • b) Seurity glazing which benefits from the of laminated glass (optional)
  • c) Central reversing claws operate in opposite directions providing a secure lock
  • d) Locking hooks for additional protection (optional)
  • e) Substantial die cast keep to retain reversing claws providing secure locking including night vent facility
  • f) Cranked handle (optional) easy to use, offset design with push button release

Window Security


Structural Integrity

Our products are expertly crafted, combined with the most advanced technology and designs

Impact resistant, multi-chamber PVCU profiles are engineered for strength and where appropriate, are reinforced with galvanised steel.

Structural Integrity


You can be confident in every applicationwhether it’s a custom built conservatory or a super strong jacking sytem for bay windows and coupled frames