MTM Conservatories

There’s practically no limit – Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To, P-Shape, Gable to name a few. All designed for you and your home.

Some examples of MTM units Conservatories


What size or style?
Conservatories are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes with options to meet your needs.

Customise with colour
Why stick to the traditional white conservatory when colour is readily available to suit your style and taste


  • Wall glazing conforms to British Safety Standards including Argon gas filled units
  • 25mm or 35mm multiwalled high performance polycarbonate offering exceptional levels of thermal insulation
  • Slave leaf on double door has adjustable steel 8mm diameter shootbolts as standard and optional on master door
  • Fanlight locking has central reversing claws operating in opposite directions providing a secure lock
  • Roller cams provide compression to ensure a reliable weatherproof seal
  • YALE locking hook claws top and bottom, operate in reverse directions for anti-lift
  • YALE stainless steel one piece keeps combine with hook and claws to provide highly secure locking and non corrosive long lasting performance
  • Structural multi chambered PVCU profiles, engineered for strength


Centre hookbalt
On piece strike.png
Roller lock.png
Top and bottom hook bolt.png